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What Barker Dewson can do for you

Learning to suit your businessLearning to suit your business

We deliver a range of bespoke and accredited learning programmes, some are created with you in mind, others are delivered with our partners, the Chartered Management Institute. The programmes may cover leadership and management, developing your strengths, performance management, or funny animal noises, it all depends on your business needs. See our client list.

Barker Dewson | DevelopmentDevelopment

We run a series of development programmes for individuals and groups. These range from coaching, team building and experience-based projects, to large-scale talent development for more than 100 managers.

Some programmes focus on team dynamics, whilst others deliver business-critical projects with real financial value for the organisation. See our client list..

Barker Dewson | Team BuildingTeam building

If you have a new team who need to get to know each other, or an established team who need to get away from each other, then we can develop an event for you. We don't do drum-banging or rope climbing, Barker Dewson focuses on clear team objectives and business outcomes, with some fun attached. See our client list..

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Barker Dewson | CoachingCoaching

Barker Dewson and associates offers a range of coaching styles to suit your needs, from supportive non-directive coaching to the ‘sort yourself out and stop mucking about’ approach. See our client list.

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Barker Dewson | Talent managementTalent management

How do we do it? From identifying potential, to using the data to help your succession planning – Barker Dewson uses a tailored programme of assessment, development, coaching, action learning experiences and supported projects. You can test the motivation of your future leaders, assess their true potential, provide support and guidance, and derive some business value while you do it. See our client list.

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Barker Dewson | Strategy communicationStrategy communication and employee engagement

Some leaders think that strategy is beyond anyone with a blue collar. So how do you expect people to understand that what they do (or don't do) affects the success of the business? Barker Dewson turns strategy into a tool to engage employees, provide meaning to what they do, and improve their performance. See our client list..

+ Strategy communication case study

Barker Dewson | Performance managementPerformance management

UK businesses waste more than £12bn a year on failing to manage underperformance, while not recognising good performers, or providing the development opportunities they deserve. Barker Dewson's approach is more than just tackling the undervalued, the disengaged or the ‘management challenges’, it's about motivating the solid performers who get ignored. See our client list.

Barker Dewson | AssessmentAssessment

From a one-off ability test to a full-scale assessment and development centre, Barker Dewson works closely with A&DC and SHL to deliver leading edge assessment services. Barker Dewson and its associates are trained to use Wave, OPQ32i, Talent Q, Myers-Briggs, Lominger Voices360, and Strengthscope. See our client list..

Interested in how we can help you, or to find out more, contact us now, or phone us on +44 (0) 1903 603680.